When Progress is Genuine

  While it is true that many do know know the difference between progression and digression, it is the aim of the Christian grow in those things that make him more Christ-like in his life. So the Christian takes inventory of his spiritual condition repeatedly. "Take heed" and "watch ye" are admonitions he takes seriously.

  There is such validity in the statement, "It is not altogether where you are that counts but also the direction you are going." It matters where you are. But which of the following had you rather be: one who is strong but growing weaker, or one who is weak and growing stronger? Had you rather be sick but getting well or be well but getting sick? It matters.

  Real progress is made when we are drawing nearer and nearer in the likeness of Christ. As we draw toward Him we can be confident that real Christian progress is being made and we shall be blessed for it.