When Someone Wants to Hurt

  The world overflows with people who want to hurt others. This is nothing new. For selfish gains many have no consideration for others at all. They use all kinds of machinations to hurt those they want to hurt.

  One way the devil's servants have hurt the church is to misrepresent what the church is, stands for, teaches and practices. Of course, misrepresentations are lies, but what is that to those who wish to hurt the church?

  One of the widely spread misrepresentations about the church is that it was founded by Alexander Campbell. Those in denominations constantly spread this lie, many of them knowingly and willingly. Some are just ignorant.

  The only church we wish to uphold is the one of the New Testament which began on Pentecost. Some love their man-made church so much they despise any effort to restore the church that Christ built before any denomination existed. Historically, the church was growing by leaps and bounds in this country before Alexander Campbell had even come to this country. So the lies hurt because some will believe them. But woe to those liars!