When the Truth is Suppressed

  Even though truth makes us free, there are those who wish to silence its proclamation. Freedom of speech has been one of our greatest blessings in America. But there is pressure from the left to censor words that disagree with the left wing agenda. Not only is this true politically but very true religiously. So-called schools, government, ACLU, all sorts of tyrants wish to curtail the teaching of truth and force upon everyone their lies.

  Christians are coming more and more under fire from many quarters throughout the world to either give up their convictions or face punishment of one kind or another. While some close their eyes and pretend it is not so, if the trend continues, such an article as you are reading may mean serious trouble to the writer and even to the reader.

  Muslims, Catholics, liberals, criminals have always opposed truth. They are very active to suppress it by every means available. Take note!