When to Dust Your Feet

  The Bible student knows that the Lord told His apostles that there might be certain times when they should just shake the dust off their feet against a city and its people. He meant there are times when it does no good to continue dealing with some folks. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished by continued association. You just have to let them go their own way and refuse to be bothered with them anymore Just when it is proper to do this is not always easily determined, however. Many cease communication with people who are dishonest, vulgar, filthy of speech and conduct. There does come a time when enough is more than enough..

  Do you suppose one is justified refusing further association with a person who persistently reflects dishonesty, impugns motives, lies, misrepresents others, becomes a talebearer and sows discord? After trying to deal with them and present truth to them, what benefit is there to cast the truth before them only to see it trampled under foot? We have known some people like that in the past and know some even yet. Do you know any?