When to Fight Back

  As a boy you learn not to just take whatever somebody shoves at you. But as you grow older and more mature you realize some things are not worthy a fight. But there are times when a fight is the right thing.

  It really is not so important what somebody says or thinks of you. You can cast that off without much trouble when you consider the source. It is when they attack your personal convictions, your faith, your family that you are justified to "set the record straight." We who profess to be Christians are constantly bombarded by slurs, insults, falsehoods and misrepresentations of our Lord, His church and His gospel. We must be set for the defense of the truth and expose the slanderers for what they are.

  That is not the same as vengeance or evil retaliation. That is what we are called to do as children of God. We stand up for the Lord and the evildoer shall not pass without a fight (not carnal but a spiritual war).