When You Are Serious About It?


    It is not hard to believe that many Christians are serious about following the way of Christ in their lives. They are cautious and attentive to everything they do to make as sure as they can that nothing about them would offend the Lord Who gave His life for their salvation.

  One was asked if he watched the presentation of the "Oscars." I thought his answer was right on target. He said, "I don't fill my stomach with the slime from a cesspool and I don't fill my mind with the produce from Hollywood."

  So much of the so-called entertainment world is just a parade degenerate conduct by the vulgar and depraved egotists who don't care about anything clean and decent. Why should a Christian spend his time watching what they say, do or think? When you are serious about being a Christian, Hollywood is off your charts.

  As for the "Oscars," who won? THE DEVIL!