When You Attack God's People

  It is nothing new but happens all the time. There are the God-haters who also hate those who love and serve God. What else could you expect from such an element. So we hear of Christians being blasted right and left by atheists, humanists, evolutionists, socialists, racists, abortionists, homosexuals and most anybody that delights in destroying what is good and promoting what is evil.

  But take a brief study of God's warnings given to those nations who opposed ancient Israel when Israel was God's chosen nation. Take a look into history and see how they fared. Ezekiel and Jeremiah especially are strong against such people. History shows the enemies of God's people paid dearly for their vicious opposition. So will it be again.

  The principle will still apply. Enemy elements may seem to prosper for a while, but their doom is sure and their day of destruction awaits them. Of what benefit is it to hurt God's people and thereby damn yourself?