Where are You?

  Maybe the thoughts are not that connected but it seems so to me. We all have those times when we hurt, physically, emotionally, spiritually. We are like many in Bible times who essentially asked, "Where is God when I hurt?" as if God doesn't care or doesn't know. We can we sure God both knows and cares and does more than that. He provides. We often do not see the whole picture in times of hardship as God can see it. Because we face difficulties is not to be equated with an uncaring Heavenly Father.

  But the thought for today is this. Do you not think God hurt when His Son was on the cross for me, you and the whole world? Does not a sinful humanity hurt God? We might ask the wrong question, "Where is God when I hurt?" What about, "Where am I when God hurts?" Do I care that His Son died for me? Do I care about His will enough to live by it? Should we not be concerned about where we are as well as where God is?