Where Are You Coming From?

  This is a matter of some interest to me. I refer to those who turn to this web site now and again. As expected, we think the vast majority are coming from the USA. But we have received word that some from India, Malaysia, Norway, the European Union, Great Britian, Germany, Canada, Sweden, China, Pakistan and several others have connected with us at times.

  I suppose it really does not matter all that much where you are coming from. But it sure matters where you are going. This web site is designed to help everyone go to heaven by learning, believing and obeying the will of the Lord through Jesus Christ.

  If you would, drop me a line telling me where you live. You may contact me by clicking here. I won't be contacting you for money or anything like that. I would like to know.

See if ten or fifteen minutes each day listening to one of the brief lessons will not be informative for you. And don't forget the Daily Notes.