Where Did He Learn That?

  In Acts 8 the Ethiopian asked Philip if he could be baptized. Where did he learn about baptism and what motivated him to want to be baptized? He did not learn it from his learning in Ethiopia. He did not learn it from Isaiah. He had not learned it when he was in Jerusalem to worship as the Jews were taught to do. The only place he could have learned it was when Philip preached unto him Jesus (verse 35).

  When men preach Jesus as Philip did they will teach people about baptism and try to encourage them to obey that command. You can listen to many religious teachers today and if they ever say anything about baptism it is to deny what the Bible teaches about it. They had just as soon cut the word out of the Scripture.

  What does you preacher say when and if he teaches about baptism? Does he tell it like Philip did? Does he provoke you to want to be baptized? When the Ethiopian obeyed he went on his way rejoicing. So will you when you obey this divinely given condition for salvation.