Where Did It Come From?

  He walked into his front yard and found a stone, picked it up, examined it, tossed it toward the fence and suddenly it bounced and jumped and became a tree that grew limbs that produced twenty dollar bills. You think that is absurd, consider how some folks think the entire universe came into existence in an equally absurd fashion.

  But if such a thing did occur from that rock, do you not think the man would have some curiosity from where such a rock that could do all that came? Yet, those who think the universe just happened from some unknown material do not seem to be curious as to the origin of such a spectacular piece of matter that had the capacity to produce the entire universe with all its complexities and wonders, even life itself. Their "explanation" is that is somehow, somewhere it already existed. They begin with the magnificent rock.

  Even though science has proven matter has not always existed, evolutionists say some did, and what a remarkable piece of matter it was. It has even produced you. Your "daddy" was no more than a marvelous piece of rock that just happened. Do you really think it is intelligent to believe such as that?