Where Do They Get This?

  The sermon included following Christ; not rules. Please tell me how you even come to Christ or follow Christ without learning, believing and obeying His rules! Would somebody please unravel this nonsense! You follow Christ by following His rules. In doing so you are not relying on the fact that you are righteous but on Him who tells you what to do to be righteous before God. Where this contradictory idiocy comes from I cannot tell but it is not from the Bible. It is another "Man not the Plan" foolishness. Preachers destroy their credibility to preach this stuff.

  Brethren are not Pharisees because they urge obedience to the Law of Christ. To obey is to rely on Him. Scripture tells us of Him and His rules by which we follow Him. It's not RULES or CHRIST. It's Christ's rules.