Where It Starts

  You hear considerable criticism of those who condemn sin. They are blasted as judges, narrow-minded, lacking love, and on it goes. Of course, that is possible. But all have sinned (Rom. 3:23) and its wages is spiritual death (Rom. 6:23). The only escape from condemnation and the wrath of God is forgiveness. That is the message of the gospel. Why should anybody object to the gospel?

  Before one will seek forgiveness he must be persuaded he needs it. Until one realizes his doomed condition he will not do what he must do to be saved. He won't even care about it. So the condemnation of sin is necessary to lead people to seek salvation.

  When someone condemns sin and warns a sinner he is manifesting great love. He could let the sinner go on his wicked way, die and go to hell without ever knowing he could be saved. Condemning sin is the start on the road to heaven. Rather than criticize those who preach this part of the gospel, we should thank God there are those who will do it.