Where Purity Must Exist

  Purity is desirable in most everything. But in some things it is essential. Purity means free from pollution and things harmful. Not only should there be ceremonial purity, but most of all there must be purity of heart.

  The heart is the real person. It is the spiritual man. From the heart come the issues of life. Man is as he thinks in his heart. If the heart be stained, his life will be also.

  Jesus condemned having only outward purity while the inward man is defiled with sin. A diseased heart will produce a diseased manner of life.

  Our hearts are made pure by obedience to the gospel (1 Peter 1: 22). They are kept pure by walking in the light as He is in the light (1 John 1: 7). No pursuit of man is more important in reaching heaven than having a pure heart.