Which Denomination?

  See if you can find a clergyman or member of any denomination that will answer this question. I have never found one even though I have asked them for years.

  For instance, Baptists, like most other denominations, contend that baptism has nothing whatever to do with salvation in spite of explicit and clear Biblical declarations to the contrary. They contend it is because you have already been saved and in order to join a church, by which they mean some denomination. You can be saved without baptism but you must be baptized to be a Baptist. Why should those who simply want to be saved be a Baptist?

  But consider the Ethiopian in Acts eight. He was baptized. Which denomination did he join? I can tell you without any fear of Biblical refutation that he joined no denomination because none existed. He was not baptized to join some denomination nor because he was already saved. He had been taught Christ and saw the urgent need to obey, stopped his chariot, and attended to the matter as soon as possible. He did not wait until what Baptist call "Baptism Sunday."

  How do denominational people explain this? They don't. They simply ignore it. At least, they ignore it for now. But what about later?