Which Dispensation?

  Possibly most brethren understand that we must study the Bible always keeping in mind which dispensation is under consideration. A dispensation is simply a system of rules and government by which God governs for a certain period of time. There are three dispensations revealed in Scripture; Patriarchal, Mosaic and Christian.

  Abraham lived in the Patriarchal period. Joshua lived in the Mosaic age. We live under Christ. Things commanded and expected of people in other ages do not apply to us (except many times in principle). Nor were those of former ages expected to follow that which we learn by the authority of Christ.

  It is probably the failure of the denominational world to observe this distinction that many have such a mixed up religion of laws, observances, doctrines, etc. that are attempts to take parts of each dispensation and throw them all together and pick and choose what you want.

  One of the first things to determine when studying the Scriptures: To which dispensation is this material connected? Until we learn that, we will not learn very much.