Which View Do You Take?

  In Genesis (47: 9; 48: 15, 16) we read of two views of life as seen by Jacob. In one view he placed emphasis on failure, disappointments, famines and hardships. In the other he concentrated on successes and blessings, reflecting on what God had done for him.

  We should evaluate and analyze our lives also. What would we emphasize if we were objective and fair?

  Things did not look so glum and full of despair when he included God in his evaluation. But when he left out God there was not much that he saw was too good. It is that was with us also.

  Take a few minutes and hear the lesson on Two Views of One Life on this website, Category 5; Lesson 11. It may help you see life in a better light. It might even make a better tomorrow and make us more grateful.