While Reading Deuteronomy

  Some have called Deuteronomy the Second Law. But it is a repetition of much of the Mosaic Law that had been revealed earlier. The book consists of many words from Moses to the Israelites just prior to his retirement from leadership and his death. Over and over again there are the promises of God to bless the people if they would obey the voice of the Lord. Also there are the fierce and harsh words of warning should be people disobey the Lord who had brought them out of Egypt and given them Canaan for their homeland. Disobedience would mean forfeiture of the land.

  Some of the strongest words of warning are found in the twenty-eighth chapter. Should anyone ever doubt the wrath of God upon those who chose to defy the Lord, this chapter should convince them otherwise. It would be profitable to any reader to study this chapter and learn that the Lord says what He means and means what He says.