We all know that people have problems. We all know that some have more and worse problems than others. We are astounded often how well some people deal with hardships that come upon them. They show themselves strong, resolute, determined and with great faith. But then there are others.

  Even the normal, regular, expected setbacks throw some into spasms. They do not seem to have a firm grasp on anything but whine and moan until it becomes an obsession. I read where a football team had to have "counselors" to help them cope with the death of their coach. Death?  "Counselors?" Can't these supermen even face what thousands face every day without somebody to wipe their tears and cry with them?

  Sympathy is a good thing? But to be unable to face even the common hardships of life means somebody needs to "bone up" on reality. Let something bad happen and some just go to pieces. Why is that?