Who Did It Mean?

  When the Declaration of Independence mentioned God and the Creator who did the writers and founding fathers have in mind? To hear the present-day news media and liberals you would think our inalienable rights came from Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Kennedy, the Congress, Acorn, etc. and other enemies of God and enemies of freedom in America. You would think our right of free speech and freedom of religion has been granted to us by the socialists that now govern this federal government. Having fallen beneath the heels of tyrants, Americans now are being steadily deprived of what this nation has historically supported. What shall stop this invasion against man and God?

  Christians are concerned about civil power especially when it is as depraved as presently exists. Christians have endured hardship from government of men since Pentecost and so shall it ever be. But that does not mean we are indifferent to it. It means we must recognize the enemies of truth and do what we can, whatever we can, to preserve our liberties from the pack of government-control thugs now holding power.