Who Helps Whom?

  There is a sense in which the Lord needs us because we can help Him. He has entrusted the spread of the saving gospel to His disciples. If we do not do it, it will not be done. So we help Him as we labor in His vineyard.

  But the Lord will survive and be victorious whether we help Him or not. He cannot and will not be defeated. He is Deity and will judge all.

  The help He offers us is essential to our welfare. Without Him was are doomed and damned, hopeless and helpless. We are dependent on Him for our salvation. We need Christ. There is no other to whom we can turn.

  Our survival is dependent on Him and our spiritual victory can only be ours through Him. So there really is no comparison  how we help Him and how He helps us; His need for us and our need for Him.

  But the fact remains, we help one another. We can always be sure He will do His part. Will we do ours?