Who is Happy?

  Many people will answer, "I am." But are they? If they think they are I suppose that means a lot. But it is difficult if not impossible for others to really tell who is happy because happiness is a quality within. Sometimes we see folks acting with spirit, joy, exuberance as if they are happy but inwardly they may be suffering great pains of heart. On the other hand, some are calm, quiet, controlled and seem to be so somber that it is assumed they are burdened and not happy, but if the truth were known they are very happy. Outward behavior does not always reveal who is and who is not happy.

  Many things contribute to making one happy. Having the right relationship with God matters most. Expectations in life make up part of it. Often we have to curb our expectations and just accept what is. Otherwise we may find ourselves seldom in a state of genuine happiness. It is true. If you do not expect too much it is easier to happy.