Who is to Blame?

  We often attempt to shift blame from ourselves to others for what happens to us. But blame is not really what matters as much as who is really responsible. Blame seems to only find fault while responsible emphasizes obligation and duty. If I am lost I am responsible and can only look to myself for that condition. Nobody else can be blamed for it because I am accountable to God. So are you.

  It is true that most do not believe they are lost. But Jesus indicates more will be lost than saved (Matt. 7: 13-15). Both cannot be right about it.

  While others may influence me this way and that way, ultimately the determination of my eternal destiny will depend on what I decide, believe and do. I know God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and many others want me to be saved and work to that end. Whether I will cooperate with them and achieve that goal is mine to determine because I am responsible. No use trying to blame somebody else.