Who Said Democracy is the Best?

  Theoretically democracy is where everyone has a voice and a vote. Some have concluded this is the best system of government. It is not necessarily so. It means the majority rules. But the majority is not always right and is often very abusive and unjust. Especially is this so when the majority becomes morally degenerate and mentally deranged as is true of so many. So the battle rages about government.

  In the Bible we read of the many times when the majority was dead wrong and was punished because of its ways. The Lord's church is not a democracy but a monarchy. He is a King that can be trusted. Who can trust people in government today to be a monarch? In fact, who can trust those in government in a democracy anymore?

  Right and wrong is not determined by counting noses. It has been determined by the Lord, revealed in Scripture, and we should seek to learn His way and follow that. Certainly that is the only way to please our Creator and Judge.