Who Said It Was?

  God ordained that there be civil government (Romans 13). He did not specify the type of civil government that He wanted. Obviously, a government favorable to His will would be more pleasing to Him. Those in the USA have contended that our republican (representative) form of government has proven valuable. We say we have a democracy where the majority of people select their leaders. It works beautifully when the people are God-fearing, Bible respecting, moral minded people. But when the people reach the low levels of decadence and depravity, then the leaders reflect that corruption and the nation brings calamity upon itself.

  Most do not want to admit it but this is what has overcome America. Our civil leaders, of both major parties, reflect how degenerate the public has become. How can you expect good government when most of those who select the leaders are vile? Do you actually believe God is pleased with us?