Who Shall Govern?

  Elihu, with three :friends" of Job, spoke with Job during a trying period of Job's life. He condemned him, accused him and misunderstood the nature of Job's problem, thinking he was being punished because of his sins. But Elihu raised an important question, Job 34:17, "Shall he that hateth right govern?" This applies to those who rule and exercise authority. How can one who does not respect right and wrong, has even shown contempt for what is right, be the kind of ruler he should be?

  Americans are called upon to select their rulers, and we should be grateful we have that opportunity. If those who profess righteousness refuse to be involved, it must be left entirely to those who subscribe to evil. What ridiculous neglect and nonsense this would be!

  We do not expect rulers to be perfect, or any political party to be as the church should be. But we can choose those who have more in harmony with the will of God instead of those who "hateth right." How can Christians encourage or support those who promote abortion, homosexuality and same sex marriage, humanism and defend moral liberalism? Convictions should determine how we vote. Our allegiance is always to God, not men or party.