Whose Side?

  Does it matter whose side you are on? In many things is does not matter, at least not much. In ball games people choose sides, don't they? It is not a matter of eternal consequence which they choose, however. In politics people choose sides. It is becoming more and more difficult to find anybody with whom you would want to be on the same side. Unless your choice puts you in opposition to what God wants it really is a matter of insignificance whose side you are on. So it goes with many matters.

  But when it comes to your soul it sure does matter. Moses once asked Israel, "Who is on the Lord's side?" It was possible to not be on His side. His side was distinctive from the other side. They could not be on both sides. They had to choose. A bad choice meant God's displeasure.

  Whose wide are you on when it comes to Christ, the church, morality, the inspiration of the Bible, the manner of worship, the conduct in life toward others, respect for divine authority, etc.? Some try to be for God and something else also. WON'T WORK! Choose God's side. All else is vain and condemning to your soul.