Why Are Rivers Crooked?

  Until last night while listening to a good brother preach I doubt I ever really thought about this question. Maybe you already know the answer. But the preacher said the reason rivers are crooked is the same some people are crooked and not what they should be. Both the river and the person take the path of least resistance.

  If we serve God we can expect resistance. Some do not allow resistance force them from the straight path. But others will try to please men, follow the crowd, refuse to take a stand, never defend the faith, but worm their way through life taking the path they feel will produce the least resistance.

  While nobody ought deliberately seek resistance, if we live in truth and walk in the light we will face it. Better to hit the hard spots and hold the course than be tossed to and fro by others and their wiles. Do not just float along with the river of Satan.