Why Did He Act That Way?

  Our title question pertains to Pharaoh. Why did he resist the obvious concerning the power of God?  The Bible says his heart was hardened. It was hardened by the deceptive actions of his magicians, by his own stubborn decisions, but also by the Lord. The part the Lord played in hardening his heart was that God gave Pharaoh a command which Pharaoh chose to disobey. God did not make him make such a choice.

  I am inclined to believe that many today are very much like Pharaoh. He saw the evidence and could not refute it, but just chose to reject it anyway. There are those who say they do not believe God exists but they close their eyes to the evidence. Some say sin is only a superstition but cannot they see the evidence of it everywhere? How do they differ from Pharaoh?

  A rational, intelligent person would have been convinced long before Pharaoh of the right path to travel. But when man hardens his heart against God there is no avenue of approach that can influence him to do right.