Why Did I Keep It?

  Are you ever going to tackle cleaning out the attic, etc.? Well, I started today cleaning out papers, bulletins, letters, pamphlets, etc. that for some reason I have held close for years and years. I never used them but somehow thought they might be useful sometime. There comes a time when you realize they are not useful and should be cleared away. I have several pick-up loads to haul off.  I check each thing before discarding it and wonder, "Why did I hold on to this?" Some of it I still keep because somebody can probably use it if I let them know about it.

  Things that seem so important at the moment soon lose their significance with the passing of time. We replace them with other things we use. So out they go, finally, and you hope you have not thrown away a good friend.

  Holding steadfast to the faith of Christ will always be essential to our welfare. What a wonderful thought that I can keep hold of my faith and also share it with others and we both benefit.