Why Did They Do That?

  When Jesus was coming from Jericho He was met by two blind men (Matthew 20) who asked Him to have mercy on them. The multitude that followed Christ rebuked them and told them to hold their peace. Why? Should they not rather have assisted the men?

  Possibly they thought the men were hindering Jesus. But the men knew who He was, "thou Son of David," indicating He was the promised Messiah. Why not cry out to Him for help?

  Were some of the multitude jealous of Jesus and did not want Jesus to show His power by healing them? Not all the multitude that followed Him had good motives for doing so. It is puzzling because they had no compassion for the blind men as did the Lord Jesus who healed them. What a difference!

  We should encourage people to "cry out" to Jesus for salvation; never discourage them. He is the only one to whom anyone can turn.