Why Do They Bother

  It is almost comical how the enemies of the Bible are obsessed with writing negative things about it. They deny it is God's Word and cast a smear reflection on everything it teaches. It would seem with their attitude toward it that they would not even mention it at all. But they just cannot keep from throwing their skeptical mud at it all the time. Why is that?

  It just may be that they are scared to death of it. They can read of their own degeneracy and condemnation and, while they do not wish to be held accountable to God for anything, they seem to cringe in fear that what the Bible teaches just may be true after all. Their attacks against it sound more like efforts on their part to justify themselves in attacking it rather than mounting a legitimate objection about it. If the Bible is as ridiculous and amounts to nothing like they say, why does it dominate their thoughts?

  Evil men have always arrayed their stupidity and ignorance against God and His Word. It is no different today. They may consider themselves so "wise" as they blast away at truth but they only cement the conclusion that fools always display that kind of hatred toward the way of the Lord.