Why Do They Get Angry?

  There seems to be so many people who say that it doesn't make any difference what you believe just so long as you are sincere in your belief. But if you differ with them in some matter they find it almost impossible to discuss it with you before they get angry at you for not accepting whatever they say. It seems to me that if it doesn't matter what one believes nobody ought ever get angry when someone differs with them. In fact, we ought not get angry about it anyway. If someone wishes to differ, let them differ. You don't have to compromise your convictions or bend to their way of thinking. Just hold your ground firmly and let them blow off all they want.

  It isn't unusual for somebody to get angry at a preacher who preaches there is one church approved by the Lord. Why get mad at the preacher? He didn't invent that idea. That is what God has revealed. Do you really want to get angry at God because He has revealed something you don't like? Serious thinking seems to escape some people They never do it.