Why Do They Hate Him So Much

  The hostility toward Christ is at a peak in our country and we wonder why. If Christ was not who He claimed to be, then why are his enemies so panic-struck in their efforts to defame Him? What do they fear from One who is nothing? Why do they want to rewrite everything we know of Him from the Bible?

  Or are they scared to death that He is the Son of God but they do not want to accept Him? They do not want His standard of morality because they are so immoral. They lie about Him being married, having children, being a fraud, never crucified, etc. and yet they do everything they can to tear Him down. If He is as they claim, there is no reason to be concerned about Him.

  I wonder if this is not just further evidence that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and this explains why those who live  like the devil, who are servants of the devil, and promote the ways of the devil are so obsessed in trying to destroy Him and His followers. They tremble in fear. So they should seeing their ultimate destiny lest they repent.

  Wicked people have hated Christ in every generation. It is no different today. Christians are despised by the unrighteous because Christians teach a higher level of conduct and behavior, purpose and destiny for mankind, than the come-from-nothing, here-for-no-reason, going nowhere, do-your-own-thing degenerate elements of society. They are to be pitied.