Why He Did It I Can't Tell

  Paul tells us of the time when Peter was so wrong. He came to Antioch and had fellowship with Gentile Christians until some Jewish brethren who still contended for the Law of Moses showed up. Then he pulled away from the Gentiles. This is difficult to understand seeing how he had taken the gospel to the Gentiles, explained his actions to the church at Jerusalem, had been an active participant in the conference at Jerusalem where that issue was supposed to have been settled. What caused him to do a 180 degrees and offend good brethren? Even Barnabas did the same thing.

  I don't have the answer but the fact is he did it. What he did was wrong. Another fact is that peer pressure of the wrong kind can cause people to do what they know ought not be done. Does this not warn us to be careful about our associates lest they lead us astray?