Why I am For It

  Many brethren may be "on my case" after this, but give it some thought. There is a concerted effort to remove Christmas and the Ten Commandments from anything public, especially on government property. Why is this? Those two items have historical significance in this nation and is part of our heritage.

  I know, as you do, Christmas is not the date of the birth of Christ and we are not to celebrate it as such. I also know, as you do, that we do not live accountable to the Ten Commandments of the Mosaic Law. But I object to the opposition against them. Why?

  Because the opposition is from the anti-God, anti-religious, humanistic elements of society that would remove church buildings if they could. I have nothing but contempt for such positions. I do not want them to succeed in much of anything they do. They are bad for the nation. That which they want to remove is not near so harmful and actually much better than the atheistic degeneracy they want to force on everybody.

  I am against removing them and for leaving them on display considering the alternatives. You may not agree. You may be right. But so far I think I hold the better of the positions.