Why I Distrust

  We all can and should trust God. But can we trust those running the government? We know lying is sinful. Do they lie? They surely accuse one another of doing so. And with a double standard!

  Recently a Congressman accused the man called president of lying in a speech before Congress. There have been numerous instances of that being true but we pass over that. He accused him of lying. Great commotion was raised by many because of that. They came down hard on the Congressman. But in the same speech the man called president said those who opposed his policies were lying. I guess it was all right for him to accuse but not anybody else. It is this double standard that ought give us concern. It does me. They both are probably right. They all lie.

  Accusing others of lying in Congress is so true that it shocked its members to hear it because they are not used to hearing the truth.