Why is It so Touchy?

  To even mention discipline in the church causes some to almost go wild. Why is that? The Bible teaches it is to be done. But some prefer to ignore God and do things their way. Common sense, as well as divine Scripture, shows why discipline is necessary. If a child does wrong how will he ever learn the difference between right and wrong without discipline? You say, "Teach him." Sure, but teaching is discipline (training). If he ignores teaching, then what? Let him self-destruct? Punishment is also discipline. We all know that and use that in rearing our children. God uses it also. It is a manifestation of love.

  The purpose for discipline is to prevent harm and save from harm. Would you allow a child to play in the street without teaching him otherwise? If he ignores that, do you just drop the matter? Not if you have any sense. God doesn't drop the matter either with His children in sin. Did you ever wonder how many will go to hell because some whiny disobedient members don't want to obey God and save a soul from death?