Why Not People?

  It was a sad moment at the Kentucky Derby when the horse that came in second broke both front legs and was put death on the track. I never have felt that was all that could be done to animals, but those dealing with horses say that is the only way. But since a horse and a man both are only "matter in motion" (according to evolutionists and other atheists) I wonder why injured people are not just put to death immediately. Do you suppose somebody thinks the view of "matter-in-motion"  is stupid?

  There is a dignity and sacredness about human life that does not pertain to animals. It is because we are created in the spiritual image of God and are more than just physical body. But it is difficult to persuade those who are determined to be their own god to believe it.

  The basic reason people disbelieve in God is not science, no evidence, not history, not experience, not any of those things. Some prefer to set God down and take His place. That's it. And this they will do until that day they reap what they have sown.