Why Should They Care?

  Speaking seriously and not with a simply disparaging tone, I wonder why churches like the Episcopal Church cares what anybody in their ranks says, does or thinks. Throughout their history the Bible has had no place of authority for them except when they think they can use or abuse it to advance their human theology and denomination. They never have respected what the Bible teaches in most matters. So now they are dividing over moral issues like homosexuality.

  Since anything goes in the religion of hedonism (pleasure being the ultimate goal of life) why do they care if some want it one way and others want it another. Why don't they act like the rest of the denominational world (even some apostate "brethren") and simply declare, "What you want is fine with us." At least they would be consistent.

  I find it so pitiful that people will often claim to be a follower of Christ and have no respect for His will whatsoever. So many make themselves the god of their religion. Episcopals have done it, are doing it and likely will continue so.