Why Such Ignorance?

  You could list several reason why people are ignorant of the Bible just as others can. And your reasons would very likely be valid. But let me suggest one reason is because preachers do not preach the Word. They rattle.

  For instance, I heard a man supposedly speaking on the new birth as Jesus taught Nicodemus. He spent more time speculating why Nicodemus came by night than he did defining "born of water and the Spirit." How long does it take to teach that we are baptized according to the teaching of the Spirit. But he flew over that like he was in a hurry to get to the local restaurant before others.

  He could have said we do not know why he came by night and moved on and told his hearers of the new birth in John, Titus, 1 Peter, Romans, 2 Cortinthians and given them something to consider. Who cares why he came by night? Does that matter? But being born again makes all the difference in this life and in the world to come.