Why Talk About It?

What is "theistic evolution?" It is an hypothesis that contends that God exists and He created all things beginning with a single cell that came into existence somehow, somewhere at some time. It differs from "atheistic evolution" only in the belief that God exists while atheists deny even the existence of God. Theistic evolutionists have the same problems as atheistic evolutionists when it comes to the attempt to prove the kind of evolution for which they contend.

They have an additional problem. They are compromises, dishonest in their claim to believe in God and have no more respect for the Bible than their God-denying companions. Then why talk about it?

  One: to show how irrational it is to contend for "atheistic" or "theistic" evolution when there is no such evolution at all. It is like arguing over whether to drive  your blue car or your red car when you do not even have a car of any kind.

  Two: to combat another false doctrine regarding man. Why admit God and then deny what He says? No evolutionist can prove evolution. To claim it is a scientific FACT is a blatant and deliberate lie.