Why Tell About Them?

  The Bible tells us about a lot of different people. Some were good and favorable in the sight of God and others were just the opposite. Why would God tells us about the evil and wicked ones?

  We can easily understand the lessons we can learn by observing the good lives and attitudes of good people. Their example is a light to our path. But why tell about the others?

  There are things the Christian is to do but there are also things from which he must abstain. When we read of the evil ones we can learn what to avoid, prevent and/or correct so we can be pleasing to God. Judas, Demas, Nebuchadnezzar and many others are of this sort. Like studying false doctrines, we can learn what is wrong so we can be better able to do what is right. All of it is for our learning (Romans 15: 4).