Why Tempt Ye Me?

  The question, "Why tempt ye me?," was asked by the Lord of some who had come to hear Him. They watched Him but were spies seeking to find fault and something for which they could accuse Him and "deliver him unto the power and authority of the governor." Jesus constantly faced this kind of people. They asked Him questions they thought would entangle Him regardless of how he answered. But he never fell before their trickery and deception because He always told the truth.

  The truth He told was not always accepted, of course, but they proved that man pitting himself against the Savior is always displaying how foolish man is. It is the same way today when "scholars" and "experts" try to pawn off their ridiculous theories to be "wisdom" in contrast to divine wisdom and revelation. But the trying of the Lord and His Word will continue as long as men are willing to serve the devil. It will be to their destruction.