Why We Immerse

  Answering an inquiry why we immerse can be quickly answered by saying, "It is out of respect for the teaching of the Bible." That really is the reason. It is because of the determination to do according to the apostolic commandment to "speak as the oracles of God." (1 Pet. 4: 11)

  But to be more specific, the word "baptize" is derived from the Greek word that the Holy Spirit chose for the Holy Scriptures, and it means to immerse, plunge beneath, bury, submerge. Consultation with any reliable Greek-English lexicon will place that fact beyond dispute. Nobody has ever sprinkled or poured for baptism because of the meaning of the word that the Scripture uses.

  The word pictures of a baptismal scene indicate immersion (Mk. 3:16; Acts 8: 38, 39). Never does the Scripture indicate sprinkling or pouring of water on a person as baptism. The early church always immersed and the church today must continue that practice.