Wiles That Work

  Ephesians 6: 11 warns us against the "wiles of the devil, " ways he deceives and misleads. His ways are often very effective. ask  Eve if they work!

  One wile has been used in politics as well as religion. Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, many will soon believe it to be true. Consider the false doctrines of salvation by faith alone, grace alone, can't fall, no heaven or hell, on and on go the false doctrines that are heard and accepted by the Biblically ignorant.

  Another popular method is to conceive some far-out blasphemous idea, get some dope-infected celebrity to endorse it, some weird politician to say it is true, some brain-dead "professor" to agree, and vast numbers will swallow it regardless of the evidence.

  Better yet, get some religious leader who makes a huge living performing "miracles," and watch the stupid and deceived flock at his feet. Yes, the ways of the devil work because many are content to ignore the revelation of God, preferring the ways of men.