Will I Mourn Over the USA?

  While it is not popular to forecast the demise of this free nation, only the blind can deny it is coming. The law of sowing and reaping is taking its toll. How and exactly when it will come, who can tell? That it will come is a certainty. It will not be only because of the anti-American, socialist, pro-Muslim liar in the White House. It will not only be because of the low-life self-centered greedy power-mad brain dead occupants of Congress. It will not only be because of the death of justice and law in the judicial system. It will not only be because of the degenerate entertainment world, the atheistic education world, the parasitic racial world,  the distorted left-wing media world, or the insipid compromises and failings of the religious world.  All these will be contributors, however.

  It will ultimately be because the level of living and thinking of the majority of the population and their disregard of God.  The people are mostly corrupt. They will not survive what they have brought upon themselves.

  Will I mourn over America's fall? Yes! Not because another wicked nation succumbs. But because of the loss of freedoms my descendants will suffer. I can only pray that God, in His providence, will see that they have the right to remain faithful to Him. The nation will be against them and God will not bless America as He has done in the past..