Will It Work?

  Some people live in their own "dream world," never really seeing things as they are. They think everything will be just fine. While it is true that the ultimate destiny of the Christian will be victory, there is no reason to think all will be well in this life. In fact, the opposite is likely. Especially foreboding is the future of a nation bent on defying God like our nation today.

  In every major facet of national life the devil dominates. In the political realm, entertainment, the media, science, religion, business world,  domestic life, judicial system, evil prevails and good is dying. Some will not see it but our nation is committing suicide by the manner of life of the majority of its citizens. God's word regarding sowing and reaping will not be repealed. With the growing incorrigible nature of society, not even the gospel will preserve our land. For the gospel to save it must fall into honest and good hearts. Evidence is that quality is missing among most in America.