Wilt Thou at This Time...?

  Even as the Lord was about to ascend back into heaven the kingdom had not yet come. The apostles ask Him about it in Acts 1: 6. It is evident that the time had not yet come.

  But the time did come on the next Pentecost when the Holy Spirit, as promised (John 14, 15, 16), came upon the apostles and they preached the gospel, proved Jesus to be the Son of God and Savior of man (the foundation of the church) and revealed the way of forgiveness (Acts 2: 38).

  It was on that day the kingdom (the church) came into existence in reality and people were added to it or became citizens in it (Acts 2: 47). The kingdom for which great anticipation had been held in the hearts of those who relied on God's promises did come. We can also be in it. In fact, we must be if we ever see God in His heavenly glory (1 Cor. 15: 24).