Wonder Why He Asked

  It is not too bad to do a little guesswork if you remember that is what you are doing. We know a lawyer asked Jesus (Matt. 22 and Luke 10) which is the great commandment because he wanted to try Him. But why did he choose this question? Did he think Jesus would not know or would not answer? Luke says he sought to justify himself. Did he possibly think one commandment obeyed would release him from the duty to obey others? Some people think that way so they pick and choose what they like to obey. Had he obeyed enough to feel good about himself?

  Jesus answered his question directly. But even if the man had obeyed the great commandment there were others that were also important to be pleasing to God. If you love God as Jesus said we should realize all the commandments are obligations; not options. This thing of thinking some of His commandments are unimportant will wreck the soul.